Regeneration: morning vibrations from across the nation


Regen Records - Morning Psytrance Competition! 

After a long deliberation the judges have picked the winners for the Regen Records morning psy competition!  It was a tough choice with loads of crankin morning tracks, but there were a few clear winners.  A big congratulations go to:

1. Hijax - Population Power

2. Weblet - Wake and Bake

3. Ridge Back - Morning Flare

The quality of the tracks was so good that the judges have picked a fourth and final track for inclusion on the album - congratulations to Solarplex with their track Ancient.

 Thank you to all those great aussie artists who sent in their tracks - all the tracks were high quality and we had a hard time picking the winners.  Thanks also to all of our judges for getting involved.

The album 'Regeneration: Morning vibrations from across the nation' will be ready for release in January 2010!



Sydney-based environmental label Regen Records is launching a competition to provide new, talented Australian artists with the opportunity to release one of their original tracks on our next 2009 release - Regeneration: psychedelic morning sounds from across the nation.

This morning psytrance compilation will consist of 10 original tracks: 7 tracks from established Australian artists (including Terrafractyl, Daheen vs Psyboriginal, ONDA, Akin and Thermohaline), leaving 3 three spots open to usher in some new Australian talent. Regen Records is launching a competition to fill these three remaining spaces on the album and to support Australian artists and the psytrance music scene. The winners may also have the chance to play their tunes live at the album launch party!

Regen Records is an arm of the not-for-profit environmental and event management organisation, REGEN Inc. All proceeds for the sale of their CDs go towards environmental education and restoration projects and supporting the random evolution and growth of the Australian music scene. Regen Records will cover all costs associated with professional mastering, printing and distribution. Artists must be willing to provide their tracks to Regen Records for release on the compilation.

As always, the CD will be produced Carbon Neutral and from fully recycled and sustainable materials. For every CD sold there will be one tree planted at the next Regen Records tree-planting event - you can even come and plant it yourself!

Contact us at  for further details!

Regen Records put together a panel of judges from across the Australian psytrance music scene to ensure the process was democratic and transparent. The winning tracks were be selected based on their originality, production quality, morning dance-floor appeal, and general psychedeliciousness.