About Regen Records

R.E.G.E.N Records is a new arm of the environmental festival organisation R.E.G.E.N. (www.regen.org.au). R.E.G.E.N's goal is to help raise the environmental consciousness by combining environmental education and restoration works with music and cultural entertainment. The main focus being their annual tree planting enviro festival near Sydney. So far R.E.G.E.N has been responsible for planting over 50,000 trees at their events.

With the wealth of talented musicians that come to play at R.E.G.E.N events as well as the fine music being produced by members of the organisation we felt it a natural progression that we provide an outlet for the world to experience and enjoy these luscious sonic vibrations. In keeping with the R.E.G.E.N philosophy of making a positive impact on the planet, R.E.G.E.N Records will persevere to follow all best practices for the environment in everything we do.

We aim to set an example for other record labels around the world to take a strong stance on how their actions effect the environment. This will involve all stages of production from the CD manufacturing through to the energy we use in promo and distribution.

Proceeds of the sales will go towards offsetting carbon at our annual tree planting music festival in NSW, Australia and we aim to have a "R.E.G.E.N Records Zone" in the tree planting area where 2 trees will be planted for every CD sold!

We have partnered with Breed Media in the UK to manufacture our CDs and all packaging is made from recycled and FSC certified sustainable material including the new paper foam tray and recycled plastic tray, and is 100% recyclable and biodegradable when composted. Also printing will be done alcohol free using vegetable inks, no volatile organic compound emissions from inks or coatings, and no use of quick dry glues with ozone depleting substances. Breed Media also have their own carbon offsetting program and are completely carbon neutral.

All proceeds from the sales of our CDs will go towards environmental restoration and education projects.

The music genres that will be released over time will be wide and varied, appealing to many different people, just like our festivals.

Stay tuned for more R.E.G.E.N Records info coming soon!!!



The Album Cover and Jewelcase Insert Problem

The Jewelcase Problem: . A typical CD jewelcase is made up of 85 grams of PolyVinyl Chloride (PVC). The production of these petrochemical plastics releases dangerous toxins into the atmosphere. When the CD case is no longer needed, it either sits for thousands of years in landfills (PVC is not biodegradable) or is incinerated, which releases dioxin into the atmosphere, one of the most toxic carcinogens on the planet. A single 1,000 order of replicated CDs, using standard plastic jewel cases creates nearly 200 lbs. of one of the most dangerously toxic chemicals on the planet today.

The vast majority of CD replication/duplication companies use virgin paper products (fresh paper from the forest) with toxic inks and lacquers. The current record industry process of creating new compact disc jewel case inserts/covers pollutes the environment with a flood of PCBs, dioxins, solvents and toxic metals. These dangerous chemicals are also produced when these companies offer the cardboard jewelcase alternative. The cardboard will rarely contain any postconsumer recycled content,and will be soaked in synthetic inks and lacquers. In addition to that, there's still a PVC tray inside the cardboard case to hold the CD.Here are some of their enviromental practices:


BREED MEDIA -  Eco-conscious printing:

We are happy to announce a partnership with Breed Media to manufacture our CDs for us.

Breed Media is a 100%carbon neutral company and is taking great steps in helping the industry take sustainable actions.

Here are some of their enviromental practices:

Eco-conscious disc manufacturing:

PaperFoam is a new packaging technology that is paper recyclable and biodegradable when composted. It is used to make trays for CD and DVD digipaks, making the whole digipak 100% recyclable. Its benefits include:

Sunlyte Digipak is a plastic tray Digipak, but it is 100% recycled and recyclable. Benefits include:

Visit www.breed-media.co.uk for more info.

Our CDs will be made with the use of a paperfoam tray or SunLyte tray, and recycled and FSC approved sustainable material. All aspects of production will be carbon neutral, including energy used for shipping. Add to this the fact we will be planting trees for every CD sold makes our product an extra friendly carbon positive!